Saint Mary’s Nursery School (SMNS) is a nursery school where children learn and practice the important principles of respect, responsibility and community. Within SMNS’ supportive and nurturing environment, children explore and discover new skills and relationships. Throughout the day children take part in constructing their own learning, making choices and gaining independence.

Since the school runs as a cooperative, parents are a key component of the school and are seen as partners, collaborators and advocates for their children and within the governance of the organization.

We celebrate the work and learning that happens at SMNS amongst ourselves, as well as the broader community. SMNS fosters sound financial stewardship as it reflects the culture of the school.

This mission is realized in the following ways:

  • SMNS provides childcare that cultivates imagination, curiosity, self-esteem, creativity and independence in students;
  • SMNS promotes the importance of direct parent participation in the educational experience of the child;
  • SMNS prepares children for kindergarten; and
  • SMNS improves its community by fostering economic self-improvement in low-income and/or single parent families by providing affordable, quality daycare that will enable the parents/guardians to be gainfully employed.